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How to Create the Perfect eCommerce Landing Page with Crazy CTR

An eCommerce landing page has got to be just perfect if you want to your dropshipping business to stay competitive. In this article we will share with you our amazing tips to raise your CTR and profits alike.

Is your online marketing leading to paying customers?

If not, you’re wasting your money.

Ranking high in a Google search, generating traffic, and getting people to engage with your website are all good things, but they don’t necessarily lead success.

In the world of eCommerce, paying customers lead to success, and the single best method of attracting them is through a landing page.

An eCommerce landing page has got to be stellar if you want to stay competitive. Learn our amazing tips to raise your CTR and profits alike.

The Guide to an Epic eCommerce Landing Page 

Amidst the monumental social and economic changes happening right now, one thing is sure. E-commerce is growing, with no end in sight. Dropshipping entrepreneurs like you will benefit from the world’s unending dependence on eCommerce services.

Knowing how to create an effective landing page is key to converting window shoppers into paying customers.

But before we can understand how to create an eCommerce landing page, we need to make one thing clear. A landing page is not a product page.

Let’s explore some key differences.

Product Page vs. Landing Page: Know the Difference

A product page is for highlighting and describing your product’s many features. It’s a virtual display case that allows the potential customer to peruse and imagine what it would be like to own what you sell. It’s visual but has all the information a user of your product would want to know.

Product pages tend to be the result of traditional search, and will often take up a good chunk of an S.E.O. budget. While they attract serious buyers, product pages cast a wide net when it comes to their audience. As a result, product pages attract customers at the initial or middle stages of the conversion funnel.

The vast majority of product page traffic leads to zero conversion.

A landing page is a bit different from a product page. 

The biggest difference? A landing page is simple and targeted. It means business.

A landing page knows precisely who its intended audience is, and it knows the end goal: to convert. No flirting, no buying dinner first, no passing GO to collect $200.

Both product and landing pages are highly visual and include at least one call-to-action (CTA). The landing page cuts to the chase because it knows that its viewer has done the research and is likely to buy. A landing page is a single, short page with a simple message.

So now that we have that clear let’s move on to the eCommerce landing page creation best practices.

Three Things to Remember

Conversion might mean different things, depending on the desired outcome. It may mean a purchase, an email sign up, or free content download. Whatever your aim, below are the most important things to remember to keep your landing page on track:

1) Keep It Visual

For any business in the eCommerce domain, time is of the essence. Someone viewing your landing page is ready to take the next step, so visual appeal is king. To not waste precious nanoseconds distracting away from the mission, it is essential to:

  • Limit the number of images to one or two, and make sure to display them prominently.
  • Limit the amount of word content to only the most essential description.
  • Include one highly visible, prominent CTA.
  • Video content is ok.
  • To optimize image content for mobile, vertical alignment is best.

Efficiency is key to landing page design. You want it to be easy on the eyes, but you want it to load quickly as well, and tons of images can slow down load-time.

2) Tailor The Content

Remember that the landing page is powerful because it is customizable. This is its main advantage over a website’s product page design.

Hopefully, your product appeals to different demographics. Or at least it appeals to a few different types of users within a single demographic. Either way, you want to be able to take as many different approaches as needed.

So use different eCommerce landing pages to highlight various benefits of a single product. 

Use different landing pages for various tasks. Your landing page for email sign-ups may look, read, and feel different from your landing page for free content downloads.

According to a Hubspot study, companies employing 40 or more post-click landing pages saw 120% more lead conversions than companies using five or less.

Tailor the content and see conversions skyrocket. The more variety, the better.  

3) Short is Good, But Clarity Rules

A landing page should be to-the-point and mission-driven. But don’t sacrifice the message.

The key to a stellar landing page is clarity. Clarity wins every time and is essential for guiding visitors through the end of the funnel—that final, bright light of becoming your customer.

According to eCommerce best practices, your landing page should answer the following questions within the first 3 seconds of a visitor laying eyes on it.

  • Who you are and what you do
  • Why they should be interested in your offer
  • What to do next

So even though the landing page is brief, if it doesn’t answer those essential questions, and answer them clearly, you can bid farewell to your would-be convert.

Comprehensive Dropshipping Support

Landing pages are essential for your business. The CTR they generate is the lifeblood of your dropshipping empire. But in uncertain times, you need complete support to be successful.

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The Power of a Single Message

Traffic that doesn’t convert is a waste of marketing budget. You work hard and spend money on internet traffic, only to have it evaporate. You are left to pay again for the same traffic, which still doesn’t convert, and the vicious, expensive cycle continues.

eCommerce landing pages are the change you need to win the customers that will keep your business alive.

Start your earning today!

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