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Augmented Reality in eCommerce: boosting your sales in 6 steps

Buying online can be hard, first and foremost because customers are unable to see the items they want in real life. 

The promotional photos can give you some direction on how the items look, but again they are designed with the precise intent of being sold, and therefore presented in the most flattering way. 

A countless set of questions can arise such as “Will this vase fit in my living room?”, “What if this wardrobe looks bad in my bedroom?”

The answer to the “Will it fit?” question has come in the form of technology, aka Augmented Reality (AR). Nowadays, an increasing number of eCommerce stores are giving their customers the option of testing their products in their space or on themselves through a 3D depiction of the items. 

In such a way, customers may use AR to determine if the size and style are a good fit.

AR is used throughout several niches, from beauty and fashion, up to home accessories and furniture. 

Statista projects that by 2022, the retail industry would account for 5% of the augmented and mixed reality software market, with AR in retail expected to total $80 billion.

So how can you use AR technology to your advantage? Let’s find out together. 

1. Easy startup method with Shopify or Woocommerce

If you are an eCommerce owner and you use platforms such as Shopify and Woocommerce, starting using Augmented Reality will be simple.

On Shopify, you just need to upload a 3D file of your products in GLB format as a normal media file and the platform will be converted into AR.

On Woocommerce you just need to select a plugin that will help you display products in AR and also here the technical setting part of your store will be ready.

The only thing that you need to display your products in AR with these 2 platforms is a 3D file in AR of your products.

2. Grow your eCommerce Credibility

eCommerce owners who choose to use Augmented Reality in their stores come across as seriously invested in their products, they believe in what they are selling and want their customers to have the best experience when shopping from them. 

AR can make the entire purchasing process simpler, faster and more fun for your users. Instead of having several tabs open in a browser, reading descriptions and technicalities, your customers can interact with the item directly from their smartphones. 

Holding the items is one of the most important experience perks for a consumer. 

Buying online has supplanted this psychological incentive with the prospect of getting a box later, much like a gift. Augmented reality, even if it is virtual, helps to restore the shopping experience by bringing a person closer to the goods.

When buyers perceive products in augmented reality, they react in ways that images or movies do not. 

Users can examine the product in their own environment, and decide for sure whether the object fits them or not. 

3. Attract a younger audience

AR advertising is more than simply 2D visuals. The immersive technology enables shops to produce three-dimensional animations that can help eCommerce stores better describe the benefits of their products.
This technology is particularly appealing to the younger generations. 

According to a report by Snapchat, about 93% of users – most of which are Gen Z – have an interest in using AR for their shopping. In fact, Snapchat users are 1.6 times more likely to have already used AR to shop for their clothes and makeup. 

These users are proven to enjoy the experience, so why not drive them to your store and to your items with the promise of a 3D experience? 

AR is likely to help them make a faster decision on purchasing your items. Visitors who want to view more versions of a certain item can aim their smartphone camera, and see how it looks in other hues. 

4. Increase your Order Conversion Rates

Viewing items in 3D can boost your conversion rates significantly. 

According to Rebecca Minkof’s fashion label, the implementation of 3D models has:

  • Increased the Add to Cart Rates by 44%;
  • Increased Orders by 27% after interacting with a 3D product;
  • Increased the Visitors Rate Conversion by 65%;

The benefits are clear to both eCommerce owners and users. Finding the right product is particularly important in the clothing and makeup categories. Since it might very well be that an item looks perfect on a manikin or on a model, but looks awful on the real person. The same goes for a piece of home accessory. They might look just right on the promotional 2D photos but look astonishingly out of place in their room. 

Using Augmented Reality in your store will show your items in your clients’ homes, where they want them. In such a way, consumers will enjoy a more interactive shopping experience, instead of simply reading product descriptions and looking at static pictures.

5. Reduce your Returns Significantly

Show your eCommerce products in AR augmented reality, 3d modeling

Augmented reality eCommerce will allow you to answer queries without having to rely on customer care as frequently. 

Moreover, this technology is applicable worldwide. There is no need to create regionally specialized material, as with product information. Augmented reality may be utilized by anyone anywhere!

Thanks to this experience, customers who are satisfied make fewer returns since each product is more precisely valued and it is simpler to satisfy the buyer’s expectations.

On the other hand, AR can lower reliance on customer service, as many shoppers inquire about product characteristics that they do not fully comprehend. 

A higher conversion rate paired with a reduced return rate means more money in your pocket. 

While it is true that this technology is still in its early stages, the tools for creating AR experiences are easily available: all your customers need is their phone, and all you need is a supplier who can provide you with an AR file.

6. Augmented Reality eCommerce: beat your competitors

As of today, only 1% of eCommerce retailers are actively employing this technology, therefore this might be a significant edge for your shop. AR can be your secret to beat your competitors. 

According to figures, approximately 400,000 glasses will have been sold as a result of augmented reality by 2021.

  • 71% of consumers believe they would shop more frequently if AR was employed;
  • 61% prefer shops that offer AR experiences.

As we have seen, AR has many advantages, as it can assist your buyers in learning more about your items, on how the item appears, view the intricacies from all angles, and comprehend what they’re purchasing.

This will make meeting client expectations easier, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and lower returns. 

Augmented Reality eCommerce: Finding the right supplier

Many eCommerce platforms have made it easy to add an AR interactive file on the product pages, but how can you obtain said AR file in the first place? 

There are many who offer this service, but often it can happen that they are not the suppliers of the product itself, which would mean that you would have to: 

  • Purchase the product from the suppliers;
  • Ship it to the company that will arrange a 3D model for you;
  • Wait for the file to be ready; 
  • Pay for the product to be shipped back to you; 

This procedure would not only be costly, depending on where the product is shipped, but also quite expensive in terms of wasted time. 

A certain way to avoid this would be to find a supplier who can arrange the 3D model and source your items at the same time!

A supplier like Yakkyofy. 

With Yakkyofy you can source your items from some of the best manufacturers in China, and arrange to get a 3D AR model at the same time! 

It doesn’t end here though because we also offer: 

  • Free warehouse space for your items;
  • Import services or dropshipping of your products directly to your clients’ homes;
  • An all-in-one platform that can help you manage your store from A to Z;
  • The production of high quality promotional materials such as high definition photos of your items, videos and 360 rendering;
  • A comprehensive Quality Control Check on your Items;
  • and so much more! 

What are you waiting for? 

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