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Online sales are taking off and so is Yakkyofy

Certainly, Coronavirus had a very heavy impact on the global economy, all newscasts agree on this matter. However, as a consequence of the limits in mobility imposed on people by the virus, some sectors have seen a surge in orders.

Among these sectors, there is the online sales sector, where consumer products have seen an 81% increase in sales, a 30% increase as compared to last week.

The surge in Online Sales

The growth of online sales is not only an Italian phenomenon but it has also become an international trend as they are the direct consequence of Coronavirus.

Nielsen’s data, from an analysis of the week going from the 24th February to the 1st March, highlighted that online sales of Italian’s Large-scale Distribution (Grande Distribuzione Organizzata) have recorded a 12.2% surge, a significant growth if compared to the same week in 2019.

“In recent weeks, the average of Italian online sales have registered a surge of 15%, in the Italian region of Veneto alone, the number has peaked to 20%,” said Roberto Liscia, president of Netcomm, the Italian Digital Commerce Consortium.

Bloomberg reports that Amazon warned customers of possible delays in deliveries, due to the huge increase in global demand.

Chinese News report that Alibaba’s Fresh Hema has decided to share its employees with the restaurants and companies that manage home deliveries to try to answer to the huge number of online sales in the Coronavirus pandemic’s period. On the 10th of February, more than 1800 workers have started working on short-term contracts for Fresh Hema.

In the same way, Japan’s supplies emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19 resulted in a massive appeal to the home delivery sector.  

Yakkyofy’s sales skyrocket!

As a consequence of this global trend, Yakkyofy has seen soaring in the requests for product quotations and the dropshipping of the goods worldwide.

So much that, in the first 15 days of March, it generated an increase in revenue of +496%, as compared to the entire month of March 2019 and +125% if we compare the 1st trimester 2019 with the 1st trimester (till the 15th of march) 2020. 

These notably positive and favorable metrics have made us reconsider our equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd. 

Currently, we are already overfunding and we want to give the chance to all those who are interested in investing in the online sales sector to join our crowdfunding campaign. This is why we decided, after consulting Siamosoci’s experts, to postpone the deadline of our campaign by another month.

This decision was also a consequence of the incredible news of our selection by InvestHorizon, the acceleration program funded by the European Commission, in association with Eureka, the intergovernmental network dedicated to innovative startups that aim to the collect Series A funding.

For all the reasons above, starting today our crowdfunding campaign will be extended for another 30 days. So that anyone who is interested in taking part in the commercial revolution brought by the eCommerce sector can join. Today you too can aim to get a piece of this $1139 billion cake.

Investing in Yakkyofy is easy and can be within everyone’s reach. All it takes is a minimum investment of € 557.62, and you will become a shareholder of our innovative company, obtaining net dividends already in 2021!

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