Real-time B2B quotations with NO MOQ

Stop wasting your time,waiting for your dropshipping quotations. Yakkyofy offers you the products you need with NO MOQ.

No monthly fees

Real time B2B quotations with NO MOQ

No MOQ on 98% of our products, try our Image Recognition Technology for Free.

How to use it

The Yakkyofy Image Recognition Technology, based on machine-learning, can recognize any pictures sent by a customer, find it in our huge partners’ product database and give back a quotation in a matter of minutes. 

Get started, by following the steps described below.

Ask for a product quotation

To use our new Image Recognition Technology, you need to signup on our website, and visit the tab Products> Find New Products.
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Select the best your supplier

In a few moments, the software will find the same products you ask for in our huge database and give back a quotation, but different suppliers can have different prices and different variants, so you need to choose the one that you prefer.

Import the product on your store

After you select a supplier, you can import the product directly to your store and start selling it. Each time an order arrives on your store, it will be processed and fulfilled by Yakkyofy automatically.
Import the product on your store

Why 98% and not 100%?

In the rare case, in which for a new product quote, an MOQ is requested by suppliers:
We will purchase the additional items for you and add them to our general inventory.

The product is really rare so the MOQ is really high, we will communicate with you the supplier MOQ request.

Why 98 percent and not 100 percent

Just run ads, that we power your store.

With Yakkyofy you can completely automate all your dropshipping business daily tasks from sourcing to delivery.

Just run ads, that we power your store

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