Invest in the future of eCommerce, invest in Yakkyofy!

Become the protagonist of the commercial revolution that will change forever the way eCommerce works. Invest in our equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd.

Join our crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd!

We are very happy to share with you that Yakkyofy just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd

This campaign will help us improve our services because it will allow us to finalize our automatic quotation tool, to open a bigger and more technologically advanced warehouse in China and to advertise our services on an international level. 

Our campaign is open to all of you, eCommerce enthusiasts! 

All it takes to become our partner is a minimum investment of 557.62. And in return for this little effort you will get also a dedicated discount for foreign investors and dividends of Yakkyofy’s net profits already in 2021!

What does Yakkyofy do?

Our mission is to simplify and fully automate the dropshipping process: from product sourcing to the exchange of information between sellers and suppliers, from order fulfillment to shipping and delivery. 

This will allow dropshippers to save more than 50% of the time required for the management of their digital business and to focus on what they do best: marketing.

For this very reason, we have developed a software that can connect to a database with over 12 millions of products, fully integrated with the main platforms for the creation of eCommerce websites: Shopify and WordPress.

As of today we only work with Chinese suppliers, we have clients from over 18 countries in the world and we can ship products from China to over 100 countries worldwide, with very fast shipping services 

Just think that in the US and in many EU countries, we can deliver a parcel in just 3 to 8 working days. 

Products at B2B prices

As opposed to our competitors, we purchase directly from Chinese factories at wholesale prices.


Automatic order fulfillment

Our software manages automatically the whole process of purchasing and shipping out orders.


Fast shipping with Special Line

We use the fastest shipping method on the market, which can deliver a parcel from China to Tier-1 countries in 3-8 working days.


Customized Packaging

Unlike our competitors, we can provide customized packaging to go with our clients’ products.


Virtual Warehouse

Our clients can manage their stocks online from their computers, checking the quantity of products left in their inventory in real-time.


Quality Control

Before shipping our products, we always run a quality check to make sure it matches our clients’ requests.

Become our partner!

Why you should invest in Yakkyofy

Our reference market is huge. In 2018, dropshipping sales revenue was $984,06 billion and it is forecasted that in 2021 it will reach $1609 billion.

Ever since we launched our software in September 2018, we have made over €2.2 million in revenue and shipping over 160000 products in 100 different countries. 

Once we perfect our image recognition technology, now in the patent stage, we will be able to grow even more. 

Our technology is unparalleled, the only one on the market, and it will allow us to serve more clients, more rapidly and to easily scale this market.

Our closed-source software can recognize in real-time the pictures that our clients send to us, find inside our suppliers’ catalog the most similar product available, and automatically send to our clients a quotation, inclusive of shipping costs.

The development of this technology will allow us to offer our users an ever-growing range of products to sell. Moreover, this database, once it is fully operational, will be expanded with even more new products. This will allow us to increase our partners’ network even outside China. 

In this video below you can see a demo of our new technology in beta testing:

What do our clients think?

Not sure why you should choose our services?

The best way to convince you is to make our customers speak for us, in their own words they will tell you why Yakkyofy is a company worth investing in.

Discover the advantages of investing in Yakkyofy

Whoever you are, if you believe that eCommerce is the future, don’t miss the opportunity to be a protagonist of this great commercial revolution! Join our equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd.

It is easy and within everyone’s reach: with a minimum investment of €557.62, you can become a partner of a fast-growing innovative startup, get a dedicated discount for foreign investors and obtain dividends of Yakkyofy’s net profits already in 2021!

Minimum Investment of just €557.62

a dedicated discount for foreign investors

Dividends of Yakkyofy’s net profits in 2021

How the funds will be used

After we successfully raised € 500.000 in 2017, we have just opened a new and more important fundraising of € 2 million, which will consist of a bridge of € 236.000 (already completed), investments coming from private funds and money raised thanks to this equity crowdfunding campaign on Mamacrowd, a certified Italian equity crowdfunding platform which allows to invest in innovative SMEs and startups online.

Depending on how much will be raised, the funds will be spent as described in the figure below.


Financial Projections

The following financial projections show the company grows in the following 3 years, based on the result of this crowdfunding campaign.

If we successfully raise the minimum investment of €150.000, we will be able to reach a revenue of €9.7 million in 2021 and €33.17 in 2022. While if we successfully raise the maximum investment of €400.000, our revenue will be €12.70 million in 2021 and 38.17 in 2022.


Become Yakkyofy’s partner!

Become the protagonist of the commercial revolution that will forever change the way eCommerce works

Get a complimentary Capsulier

Just for you, who invested in the Mamacrowd campaign, the Yakkyofy team will send you as a free gift a Caspulier: the only machine for creating Nespresso compatible washable and reusable pods.

A comfortable eco-friendly object for both home and office.