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What Websites does Yakkyofy Import Products From?

With the Yakkyofy Chrome Extension, you can ask quotations for products found on multiple platforms.

How to use the Yakkyofy Chrome Extension

It’s easy to import a product with Yakkyofy

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Download the Yakkyofy Chrome extension

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Visit one of the Supported Platforms

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Click on the Chrome Extension to ask for a quote

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Within 3-7 days you will receive quotations also for customized stock products

What Website Will Yakkyofy Import Products To?

Yakkyofy offers you integrations with the most famous eCommerce seller platforms in the world.

This connection will allow you to automate the entire order fulfillment process: Yakkyofy receives your orders, then we will process, ship, and provide your customers with tracking numbers, without you need to click your mouse, even once!

Yakkyofy also supports multiple stores, so you can manage more than one eCommerce on the same platform with only one account.

What if my store isn't among the supported platform?

You can still use Yakkyofy, but you have to do some manual work.

Get started

Use the Chrome extension to ask for quotations and receive them on your Yakkyofy dashboard.

Import the products

Manually copy the product page onto your store.

Export the orders

Send your order excel file to info@yakkyofy.com .

And then...

At this point everything else will be automatic.

What are you waiting for?
Start selling your products on multiple platforms with Yakkyofy dropshipping integrations.