Dropshipping on eBay, all pros and cons.

Dropshipping on eBay, all pros and cons.

Are you wondering if it’s possible for you to sell with Dropshipping on eBay? The answer is Yes. Here you can find an easy guide on how to do it and which are the pros and the cons of this sales strategy.

Before continuing with reading this article, you need to know:

Dropshipping on eBay

eBay is one of the most famous auction sites in the world: founded in ’95, it’s a website where millions of visitors buy all kinds of products and where every day thousands of people wonder, even without a specific need, simply looking for good deals.

This means that it can be also a really good opportunity for you.

Now, to dropship on eBay, the first thing that you need to is find dropshipped products. Here is how to do it:

  • You can search for dropshipping suppliers online, through Facebook groups or directories and then contact them to understand how their service works.
  • You can open a store on Shopify and sell dropshipped products using one of Shopify plugins (we recommend Yakkyofy).

Once you find the products, you can start to sell on eBay.

How to start dropshipping on eBay

  • Create your seller account by choosing between these type of account: ebay icon
    • Individual seller account: free account with a monthly limit of 50 listings.
    • Basic Package: a € 19.50 monthly subscription with a limit of 250 listings.
    • Premium Package: a € 39.50 monthly subscription with a limit of 1,000 listings.
    • Anchor shop: a € 149.50 monthly subscription fee and with 10,000 listings per month.
  • Upload your products: upload photos and product features that you create or from the supplier that you’ve chosen. Create a product page as professional as possible to gain your customer’s trust. A good feature on eBay is that you can customize the photos and even make them unique with a watermark.
  • Good’s Delivery: every time a customer purchases your product, you need to contact your suppliers and give them the details of the delivery. Be careful: if your customer pays with PayPal, your payment can be blocked for 21 days, until the item is received by the end customer.
  • Payments from eBay: when the customer receives the goods, eBay will deposit in your bank account the product price after deducting eBay fees which are equal to 10% of the final value of the object. When you set the price for your products, remember that all prices on eBay taking into account VAT and, in the case of PayPal payment, will also include Paypal fee.

Pros and cons of dropshipping on eBay

Obviously dropshipping on eBay has pros and cons and is better to know them before you start to sell.

PRO ebay package

  • Easy to start: start dropshipping on eBay is very simple especially if you use a Plug-In like Yakkyofy to find your dropshipped products.
  • A lot of visibility: as mentioned previously, eBay has a huge number of visitors, so if you sell on this platform, you have thousands of potential customers.
  • No technical skills required: to sell on eBay, you don’t need any knowledge of programming or marketing, but only business acumen.


  • Competition: dropshipping on eBay, you will have to face a lot of competitors, in fact, other sellers could find the same product as yours and sell it at a lower price, so it is better to always do some research before choosing which items to sell.
  • eBay fee: as we have seen before, the commissions on eBay are not low, so you have to consider that selling on this platform your margin will be lower than what you might expect on your own dropshipping store.
  • Daily tasks: dropshipping on eBay, you have to check daily for your products, prices and availability in the supplier’s warehouse.
  • No customization: selling on eBay you don’t have the possibility to customize your store or gain customer loyalty with marketing and sales techniques. Think about it, do you remember the name of the store that you bought an item from on eBay or Amazon?
  • Liability: you are responsible for each item you sell, so this means that, if your delivery has some problem or delay, the responsibility is on you not on the Dropshiper.


Start dropshipping on eBay is certainly very easy and can be done without establishing your own eCommerce store, however, my advice is to always run your own store and use this technique only as one of your many sales strategies.

Moreover, do not forget that in order not to have any problems and to run your eBay dropshipping business smoothly, you need a dropshipping agreement with your supplier. An agreement that will be accepted by eBay.

Yakkyofy can provide you this agreement and can also help you source over 12,000,000 products on the Chinese market and dropship them for you, one by one, directly at your customer’s address.

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